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Crochet, A Stitch, A Breath, A Step at A Time

I have started crochet during the world-wide lock down in 2021. Like many of us, we had nothing to do. In the year of 2024, everyone is back in their busy life, I have decided to continue crochet because it calms me down. The rhythm of one-stitch-at-a-time allows my mind into a quiet place. Just like yoga asana, each breath reminds me of the present moment I am in, every stitch is the NOW.

Adding art into my yoga business, an CRA agent suggested me to consult an accountant because he had no idea how to relate art with yoga. We often like to categorize things to make sense of the world. As yoga teachers, we name our classes and put descriptions for the classes so people know very specifically what the classes are about. "Fusion," is normally the word choice for us because yoga asana is a combination of strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, spatial awareness, compassion, concentration, and much more. Homeschooling my child, I noticed that education is divided and subdivided into many subjects. I have to specify the activities I design with the intention for my child to learn English Language Arts (ELA). It is hard because I find, ELA is rooted in every part of living. Therefore, for me, there is no reason to separate yoga and art, just like we don't separate arms and legs from a person. Yoga is a life style. Any activities allow one to be completely absorbed in the present moment is the philosophy of yoga.

So, here comes my art, crochet at this particular time, becomes one area I focus to build a community with whom, feel the same ways towards visual art.

Making the landscape ear warmer is one of my favorite experiences. It has an elastic texture so sizing is quite relaxing.

I have an army of amigurumi now. These are Dextor the elephant and Ellie the cow.

I have been exploring the world of crochet kitchen necessities. These coasters are my favorite so far! They have added humor and liveliness into my space called home.

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